An Uplifting Experience…Excellent Customer Service

From our Hospitality Maryland Style and Maryland Smiles classes to our Taxi Host course at Baltimore City Community College, we have trained thousands of individuals to deliver excellence in customer service to our residents and guests.

Hospitality & Tourism Employers

You’ll find students in nearly every region of the state studying culinary skills, hospitality management, recreation and general tourism. Many of them have also already completed MTEF’s five hour Maryland Smiles customer service and local tourism awareness training program.

Target your recruiting efforts close to home.

High schools in a growing number of areas throughout the state are developing focused programs preparing students for career growth in hospitality and tourism. Consider a partnership with them by offering internship and externship opportunities. You will enhance your staff with skilled workers for both short and long term relationships.


Internships and teacher externships provide an essential introduction to the intricacies of the hospitality and tourism industry. Businesses can find that providing an internship is an effective recruiting tool.

Plan ahead. Whether you’re a student or employer, make contacts early to improve the chances of success. Employers, when you’re preparing your annual budget, allocate funds for your future.

Every summer you could help build the workforce for Maryland’s tourism industry and recruit for your own staff. With under $3,000, you can provide a six to eight week internship for students in one of the state’s many hospitality and tourism programs at the secondary and post-secondary level.

Information for Working with Students

This Internship Guide will provide several details for both you and the participating student to make the opportunity a true learning experience.

Click here for a helpful check sheet to use when providing shadowing opportunities for Groundhog Day or at other times.