Hospitality Maryland Style Customer Service—Credit Course

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The Hospitality Maryland Style Customer Service Credit Course is designed for front line workforce members and students. It covers eighteen hours of inter-personal skills, tourism knowledge and problem solving.

Course Content
Eighteen Hour Session

Expenditures and expectations
Marketing messages and hidden expectations
Matching visitor interests and producing the experience

The Skills of Hosting
Accessibility, Accountability, Accommodation, Appearance, Approach, Attitude
Empathy and diversity
Reducing conflict
Safety and security
Value-added service

The Financial Side of the Hosting Business
Expenditures and expectations from the other side
Generating money while generating added value for the guest

Answers That Count
Key local and regional tourism assets
Visitor guides and resources
Map and GPS reading and directions

Report on new tourism developments in the local region
Written 35-37 question test on material for which 75% accuracy is required for successful completion.

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“This [H.M.S.] program benefits both line and managerial staff. It encourages all to think tourism and remember all parts of their community, not just what they see on their drive to work. We were recently exploring after-hour shuttle destination options for a local group that was staying at our hotel. The GM who had recently graduated from the Hospitality Maryland Style class, proceeded to mention all of the benefits of the small town. He hadn’t seen the town until your class. WOW! I almost dropped out of my chair.”
—Monica Worrell, Hess Hotels, Edgewood, Maryland

“HMS has been extremely beneficial to our employees. It gave them an opportunity to enhance their service techniques while simultaneously allowing them to interact with all facets of the hospitality industry.”
—Robert Steele III, General Manager, Hyatt Baltimore

“I’m now loaded with a wealth of info. I can relate this to our guests and in turn get return business.”
—Class Participant