Maryland Smiles Customer Service Certificate Mini Course

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The Maryland Smiles Customer Service Certificate Mini Course is designed for front line workforce members and students. It covers five hours of inter-personal skills, tourism knowledge and problem solving.

Course Content Overview
Five Hour Mini Course

The Big Picture
How you fit in

Expenditures and expectations
Discerning expectations
Generating service that corresponds with expectations

The Skills of Hosting
Accessibility, Accountability, Accommodation, Appearance, Approach, Attitude
Empathy and diversity
Reducing conflict

Value-Added Service & Tourism Industry Overview
Visitor guides and resources used by the guests
Map and GPS reading and directions

Written 35-37 question test on material for which 75% accuracy is required for a successful Certificate of Completion.

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“What I think helped the most is understanding how we all have to work together at our institution to make it work correctly and to have our guests have a great time and want to come back.”
—Class Participant

“Everyone should take this class for getting to know the work and how hard it is to do just the little things to get people to come back.”
—Class Participant

“I’m now loaded with a wealth of info. I can relate this to our guests and in turn get return business.”
—Class Participant