Stacet Ogren

Stacey Ogren, 2013 Scholarship Recipient

stacey.ogrenStacey Ogren has a bachelor of science with a major in sociology from Towson University, and expects to graduate from Howard Community College in May of 2014 with an associate of applied science, with a major in event management.

Stacey commented in her application that she has maintained a 4.0 GPA at Howard Community College, while working full-time. Her life goal is to interact and help as many people as possible. The scholarship will help Stacey lower the cost of her student loans, which will help her launch her career in the events industry.

Stacey considers events to be the perfect avenue to help people with special social moments in their lives. She has written numerous papers on social interactions and the relationships between society, organizations, and a variety of other subgroups. Her studies at Howard Community College required her to learn about all components of events and have her with the opportunity to combine theory with practice through working actual events.

The board is excited about Stacey’s future in the events field, and we know she will be successful in her quest.