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Shawnna Giles, 2012 Scholarship Recipient

shawnaaMaryland Tourism & Education Foundation’s 2012 Scholarship Recipient is Shawnna Giles from Berlin, Maryland. Shawnna is working for Cupcakes in Bloom in Berlin. Her supervisor at Cupcakes in Bloom, Shawnee Berzonski, says, “Besides being a joy to work with, Shawnna, in her young years, is a take-charge person who is able to take any task given to her and complete it with confidence. She has incredible initiative, an extremely strong work ethic and is an absolute delight when working with her co-workers as well as assisting with customers.”

Shawnna is currently enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America. She wants to one day open her own bakery, but for now she dreams of helping local restaurants get started and create new menu ideas for them.

On her application for our scholarship, Shawnna gave us a snapshot into her childhood. “As a child, I was raised in a single mother household. I quickly learned the value of money and education. I have two older sisters who are both currently attending colleges in the United States. We all share the same drive for knowledge and success. However, my career choice is very different from both of theirs. When I was young we would all select different days to cook. However, I quickly got bored of my oldest sister’s macaroni and cheese and my other sister’s pizza from a box. So I began to take on more and more days and create new recipes and dishes. I quickly found my passion in creating menus and dishes.”

We congratulate Shawnna on her scholarship!