Preparing Our Future Workforce

The Maryland Tourism Education Foundation (MTEF) is a 501(c) 3 charitable organization that serves to build the capabilities of Maryland’s tourism workforce.

MTEF helps support programs in the K-12 system and at the post-secondary level to enrich the image of the tourism industry. MTEF encourages professional development that serves to expand the potential of our workforce and ensure an economically successful future for Maryland’s tourism industry.

Foundation Goals

• To ensure the tourism and hospitality training provided in the State of Maryland meets the needs of the industry.

• To provide easily accessible training for the incumbent workforce.

• To provide information that will help both the emerging and the incumbent employee design and prepare for a successful tourism and hospitality career.

Primary Activities of MTEF

Working in active partnership with academia, businesses, corporations, and associations, MTEF:

• Identifies and monitors the education and training needs of Maryland’s tourism industry;

• Develops and implements low-cost targeted training programs;

• Support and enhance secondary and post-secondary school education programs;

• Provides the resources needed for education and training studies and information;

• Partners with the Maryland Tourism Council to host the yearly Maryland Tourism & Travel Summit;

• Develops and provides materials to aid in recruitment and retention of a skilled tourism workforce; and,

• Seeks additional and innovative measures for the professional development of Maryland’s tourism workforce.

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