Elizabeth Laiosa | 2017 MTEF Scholarship Winner

Help us congratulate our 2017 Scholarship Winner, Elizabeth Laiosa. From a very young age, Elizabeth loved to bake and found a way to work baking into every aspect of her life. Known as “Lizzy the Baker” since high school, Elizabeth has a passion to provide the best quality and customer service possible.

Elizabeth is attending the Hotel, Culinary, Arts, and Tourism Institute at Anne Arundel Community College and is from Huntingtown, MD.

Elizabeth was accepted into the Italian Culinary Internship Program for the Summer of 2017 so we were very fortunate to hear all about her studies in Rome this past summer when presenting her $1,000 Scholarship check.

ELIZABETH LAIOSAShe is anxious to open Violet’s Bakery to pursue her dream of giving back to the community through an outreach program which will help those involved gain self-confidence, valuable experience and skills.  Her dream is that this will inspire them to “give back” to the community as well.

Elizabeth also leads with her beautiful smile.  A triplet – we were sure to thank her parents for providing her the opportunities to allow her to excel in life.

Again, please help us Congratulate Elizabeth!!